Utkal Society Research And Devlopers

Utkal Socitey Research and Devlopers also know as USRAD . Its a Non Govermental Organisation establised in 1st January 2020. Its Mission Find and Research our Socity probleams When a conclusion come out then Devlop It for better Society. Its works almost every fild but now its focouse on Education, Women Empowerment, farming and IT Devlopment through its verious Project.

Its a Non Govermental Organisation so that its work not for perfit, its fincial process fully depend on Donation process. Organisation say 'If you benifit through our Organisation then Donate Rs 30 For devlopment in a month otherwise Don't donate anythings".


Social Awarness Programe

One Little Step For Society Devlopment

We focouse how to devlop our society ?
Awarness Programe is must important thinghs for society because when they see they know about that.
So that we make many Social Awarness programe like Blood Donation, Plantation, Road Safty Rally, Marathon, Flood Relef Camp, Celebrate every memorable Day and many more.
We give our best for society and we hope we encourage and Educate our people.

Usrad Institute

Money Dosn't requared for Education

We see many girls and boys don't complite their Education because of their fincial probleams but they need a perpor Education so that they do a valuable job in Society
Our leaders are educated. Example

Sasmita Dash - Expert in PGDCA And TALLY
Jyotirekha Sahu - Expert in Corel Draw, Photoshop and many other application
Srutiranjan Nath - Export In Computer Hardware and Networking

So that we think we make an Institute to teach everyone without any cost in our free time.
Now We teach Computer Hardware, Software and Networking without any cost through our USRAD Institute. So that everyone get Educated.
We Pleased to fullfill our Moto "Money Dosn't requared For Education".

Feature Programe - Try to contact Higher Authority for Higher Education

Usrad Green Decorater

Decorate Society Through Plantation

We see many roads parks and public places are polluted envourment so we try to clean it but some time ago it again poluted because of less use. Then we think we make those placess attractive so that peoples regularly used and visit. then we started plantation. Now we Decorate village road, parks, Temples and Many Public Placess through Plantation so that Some time ago a peacefull green envourment automaticall Created.

USRAD Farming

Do Eat Feed

Mainly focous on How to stable our food marcket ?

Befor our organisation started in year 2018-19 our voulentiours face Essincial Product price automatically incress and discreese. Then our leader Jayprakash Patra make a research and find our Essincial Product price automatically incress because of we import our product outer state . Product making cost is very low but when we import its added labour charges, transpotation charges, brockerge charges, suplyer perfit, retailer perfit and many other direct expencess cost. so that a product making cost Rs 5 but a castomer purche it on Rs 150.

But Our state is capable to makeing product in Rs 5 so why we perchese it on Rs 150 ?

In this year 2020 we faced Covid-19 Pendamic but ont only Covid-19 we faced this issue is a big probleam standing infront of us.
So that we need a permanet salutation of this probleam.then we face any pendamic without any food probleam otherwise we can't face a small pendmic like flood and cyclone. Because when a cyclone comes in our food price automatically incresed so many poor familyes stay in hungry . its not fair

Our Organisation Started work and make many research of this topic but its not a small probleam its takes many times to solve.

Still now one reserch programe "USRAD Farming" comes out in a conclusion. Its Moto "DO EAT FEED"
We saw in our state many Goverment and Private land stay in blank. Nothing happend in this land but still those land suitable for farming then then if a goverment land stay in blank we applay for NOC if NOC approved then we started farming in this land through local farmers.
If a private land stay in blank we contact the Owner and discous about our project. if they agree and intrested we started farming on their land.
then we open a store naming @20 for sailing our vegitables also we provide indivisual farmers sell their farming product through our store in conditions.
if they comes store we purchese their product Rs 15 and Sell Rs 20, If we comes farmers land we purchese their product Rs 10 and sell Rs 20 in our @20 store beacuse of transpotation charges.

we Make @20 store in this tearms and conditations because we mainly focous on How to stable our food marcket so we think vegitable cost doesn't cross rs20 and our local farmers also indivisual farmers are benifited through this store beacuse they know How to sell ? Where to sell ? and How much they get ? also they know they give their product in brocker free hand. so they trust on the store.

USRAD IT Farmers

We Farm IT Products

Now Usrad Institute students able to provide wordpress Web Desingh, Web Hosting, Free and Paid Domain service with Perfoshnal Email Provider of Gsuite, Outlook and Rediff. also they work with Github and Azure cloude service provider. in feature they enter to Web Application devlopment Web Analytic and AI Application Devlopment. So they decided they make their own releasing platform or Company and they make " USRAD IT FARMERS ".

USRAD Power Cell

An Automatic Electric Generator

Today our Veichles are fully depend on fule. when ue use fule engine our Envourment gone polluted and fule also very Expencive so that Everyone intrested in use electric veichle. But Most of electric Veichle are depends on battery and charging Concept. this Concept Very old and its not user frendely so that Electric Veichle are not captur marcket.
What Happen If we use an Automatic Electric Generator in our veichle ?
We are Fully Independent from Battery And Charger.
Unlimited Power Unlimited Thrust.
Say Goodbye To Fule.
So We give our best to research this tecnology and we hope we invent an Automatic Electric Generator in Coming Next few Years.
This tecnology also used in Robotic Science so that in coming next year we are able to make Airtificial Inteligence Robots without any Power Issue.


MAMASRI - Suraksha Ka Tishra Naam ( Kinnar Soilders )
SWABHIMAN ODISHA - Bhikari Mukta Odisha
BAJI ROUT BIRODHI DAL - Sahi Ka Saath Do Galat Ka Birodh Karo

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